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Azerbaijan's first female graduate artist
A rare artist who gave direction to the art of engraving
Studied at Baku Pedagogical Art Institute between 1930-1933, and obtained a degree from Moscow State University in 1940.
Graduated from V.I Surikov Art Institute. Awarded the People's Artist of Azerbaijan in 1964, and received a state award in 1965.
Her works can be found in museums in Azerbaijan and Russia.
Maral Rahmanzade is known not only for numerous successful exhibitions but also as Azerbaijan's first female engraving artist.
Maral Rahmanzade, the first Azerbaijani woman to receive professional painter training, is one of the artists who made significant contributions to the development of Azerbaijan's modern national oil painting school.

The artist addressed and reflected on many subjects such as the shores of the Caspian Sea, Old Baku, and oil workers, in addition to female themes in her engraving works.
Maral Rahmanzade Was Born On July 23, 1916 In The Mardakan Township Near Baku, Azerbaijan From 1930 To 1933 She Studied At The Azerbaijan State Technical School Of Arts

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